Special effects

Reva Print is known in Estonia and in the neighbouring countries as a printing house of special effects. A vast share of the book bindings and magazine covers, menus, packaging, invitation cards, and business cards printed in various print shops get an additional fancy effect from us. All printing houses in Estonia and in the close vicinity are, indeed, among our clients. On special and design papers, plastic, and stickers, we print everything ourselves, as is expected. We have also printed on special materials, such as wood veneer, roof sheet, aluminium, etc.

Most common effects:

Spot varnish – both with glossy, matte, relief, or rough voluminous varnish.
Spot varnish with added glitter – universal glitter mixes in all shades are available in our stock: silver, gold, greenish, holographic silver and gold.
For example, most of the glittery post cards sold in our stores are given their glitter at our printing house.
Pearl nacreous powder added to spot varnish has the exact effect of pearlescent ink on white and light surfaces. Turns silver on cold background and golden on warm background.
Tinted spot varnish; the varnish can be tinted according to your wishes.
Luminescent spot varnish – after loading in the light for a few hours, glows in the dark for up to 12 hours, depending on the duration of loading.
Fluorescent spot varnish is a varnish that obtains a purplish or yellowish glow under a “money lamp” or a UV lamp. The varnish is used for making security elements on gift cards, cash cards, name tags worn at exhibitions, or invitations, etc. It can also be used for covering nightclub menus, as nightclubs use respective blue UV lamps in the ceilings, thus the varnish makes it easier for customers to read the menus in the dark.
Since 2014, we offer ready-made varnish patterns, which can be used to cover any printed material in the whole extent. Three different patterns are available: leather imitation, lace imitation, and linen cloth imitation. An ideal solution for adding to the cover of a book or a magazine or to an advertising leaflet, as the required files are readily available.
Printing with white ink of good coverage. Our white ink allows printing on dark papers and surfaces. Unsuccessful attempts to apply white ink on prints by using other printing techniques can often be fixed at our printing house by printing over. The good coverage of the inks used in silk-screen printing is the reason why they can be used for printing on dark materials and inks.
Printing with gold and silver. We also have glittery silver and gold. The latter has, for example, been used for printing the coat of arms of the Republic of Estonia on various printed materials.
Covering printed images with scratch-off ink (used for lottery tickets). The text below – win/no win – must be printed in a half-intensity ink, surrounded with a pattern, and the surface must be coated with all-over varnish, ideally glossy varnish, beforehand (before the scratch-off ink is added).
Since we own an industrial automatic line, we are able to cover the prints of other printing houses with matte or glossy all-over varnish.
Since we own an industrial automatic line, we are able to cover the prints of other printing houses with scratch-resistant matte and silky-surfaced Sense matte laminate in addition to the regular matte and glossy laminate. We also have a glossy laminate with the relief pattern of a linen cloth.
NB! Since we only use materials of highest quality for all-over varnishing as well as laminating, it is possible to apply the above mentioned effects on prints and then process (cut, fold, glue and print on, etc.) the prints.