Spot UV varnish

Max. sheet 520 x 720 mm

If the aim is to highlight a single detail on a printed matter or to varnish only a part of a picture, spot varnish must be used. Silk-screen printing is used to apply the varnish on the printed paper. The varnish is usually colourless, but tinted varnishes can also be used. In order to achieve a special glow, glitter or pearl nacreous powder can be added to the varnish. Spot varnish can be used for various projects: from business cards and corporate printed materials for special occasions to exclusive books. Spot varnish will always provide a better effect on a matte paper, ideally on matte laminate. The paper to be varnished should be coated, as the varnish tends to absorb into uncoated paper. There is a special varnish for uncoated papers. The layer of varnish applied in case of spot varnish is approximately 4 times thicker than flexo-varnish. Its advantage is higher gloss, but it must be taken into consideration that a thick layer of varnish may break when the printed matter is folded or cut into; thus, spot varnish is not suitable for magazines/book backs. There are matte, glossy (a separate varnish for uncoated papers), relief, rough voluminous, luminescent, and fluorescent varnishes.

For special effects that can be achieved with spot varnish, please see the special effects section of our website or in our catalogue, on which you can also find information on our website.