Reva Print was founded in 1992.

We provide silk-screen as well as digital printing from business cards to various labels. We have also specialised on adding special effects such as matte, glossy, or relief varnish, as well as varnish with extras, such as various types of glitter, pearl nacreous powder, etc. We also offer scent effects, scratch-off ink (for lottery tickets), as well as adding of luminescent spot varnish and spot varnish that can be seen under a “money lamp”.

We can print on design papers, cardboard, book cover materials, plastic, which is why a large share of book bindings, menus, business cards, and other printed materials get their unique appearance precisely at our printing house.

We operate as subcontractors to offer spot UV varnishing and all-over UV varnishing, as well as sheet laminating for other printing houses.

We have 1-8 years old fully automatic lines and machines to quarantee the max. available speed and quality.

Since May 2003, we are located at 21 C Tähetorni in Tallinn
We are open on workdays from 8.30 – 4.30 p.m.